Rubin Seeds, LLC was started in 2006 as a full service seed company with over 28 years of experience in the seed industry. Specializing in cleaning, sales, custom production, and winter seed increases, we strive to make quality and customer satisfaction our #1 priority.

Rubin Seeds, LLC handles a multitude of seed products. These include but not limited to alfalfa, bermudagrass, sudangrass, wheat and various kinds of grass and vegetable seed. We are a Certified Organic Handling Facility serving customers locally and throughout the United States, and export markets including Australia, Europe, Japan, China and the Middle East. Rubin Seeds, LLC is located in Brawley, CA and is ready to ship seed by rail, sea, or truck.

With ideal growing weather in the winter months of the Imperial Valley, we work with companies and universities in the north to give them the benefit of an extra growing season. We take seed harvested in the north in late summer-early fall, plant here in the fall and harvest, clean and return the seed increase north to plant in the spring.

RUBIN SEEDS, LLC  4746 HWY 111 BRAWLEY, CA 92227 760-344-0166